Deep Aero ICO: Autonomous Drone Traffic Management + Bonus Code

Deep Aero is a venture concerned with drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles /UAVs) and has a three-pronged approach in its business strategy.

The company first project is an ATM (Air Traffic Management) and a UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management) platform. The other two projects involve a Drone Traffic Service and a Drone Marketplace.

The company’s core aim is to use an AI-driven blockchain platform which will be running on a decentralized system.

The Initial Coin Offering has already started with the Phase II till 1st June 2018 11 AM GMT, and Phase 3 is scheduled to start from the same day from 11:01 AM GMT and continue till sale expires.

INTRODUCTION – The Core Product and Offerings

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and come in different forms for uses in various fields.

Drones can be characterized as those for research, military, and civil purposes and the other being concerned with transportation of people.

They are usually controlled remotely by humans or through control board systems.

With the increase in popularity and use of drones either by military or research organizations or by hobbyists and filmmakers for filming purposes, the market has vast potential. Cheap, high-performance drones are also being manufactured and sourced for use by a broader section of the economy.

The Deep Aero White Paper cites a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration which predicts the drone market to increase so much so that there is expected to be 400,000 commercial-use drones to be in use.

Drones are used for a wide range of services ranging from security and surveillance by authorities to even delivery of goods (as is one of the projects of Amazon in the US).

They have grown to include uses in other scientific fields such as data collection for weather reports and forecasts and monitoring of crop health and growth in the agricultural sector.

Along with these, drones are also put into use for construction monitoring for better designs and for aiding in rescue operations.

Another new field/use is being forayed into – that of transportation service with drones serving as Air Taxis for urban transportation.

The drone market is quite promising through the multiplicity of its applications and uses in the commercial arena.

DeepAero Drones


The three-pronged structure of the venture, as mentioned earlier, involves both management of drones as well engage in the trade of drones and providing drone transport services.

The UTM aims to be a self-governing intelligent system based on AI on a blockchain and manage the air traffic congestion problems and help in systematic management.

The transport section of the venture aims to tie up with drone manufacturers and provide affordable Urban Air Transport solutions that will help in commuting and saving time by avoiding the hassles of road traffic. The focus is on VTOL aircraft (Vertical Take-Off and Landing systems) which will be used for ferrying passengers as well as goods.

The Drone marketplace aims to facilitate sale and buying of drones and provide a platform for easy management of the trading process.

The approach of the company seems to be encompassing both the management as well as the trade of drones along with providing service with the acquired fleet and thus engage in the primary fields of a business – that of providing, managing and offering direct usage service.


The UTM service aims to operate and manage drone operation in the zone above low speed localized traffic and below the standard flight operation zone and the standard NO FLY zone and thus, focus on the High-Speed Transition zone for drone service.

The management system will work based on inputs of data about the manned aerial vehicles, weather data and the info from governmental institutions and ensure public safety at the same time, along with coordinating with the drone fleet operators.

Based on the forecast of a drone economy where billions of drones will work to ensure completion of work and services, the AI system hopes to able to solve the problems of management and provide a genuinely decentralized and autonomous system.

Deep Aero will partner up with passenger drone manufacturers like Volocopter, Ehang, and others and provide the service of a booking platform.

The Drone Marketplace will facilitate purchase and sale of drones as well as their spare parts. Deep Aero tokens will power the economy.


The concept for the DEEP AERO ecosystem was developed in October 2017 with the UTM concept following it along with the White Paper in January 2018. The beta launch of the UTM platform is slated to happen in April 2019.

There is a token supply of 5 billion with 2.5 billion allocated for the Initial Coin Offering. The Drone Token price is set at $0.05.

According to the White Paper, the tokens that are not sold in the ICO will be burned after the completion of the ICO. The founders have been allocated 1.25 billion tokens, with 500 million set aside for the advisors.


The Drone tokens will be bought using ETH (Ethereum, open-source blockchain based cryptocurrency) and the bonus rates for the purchase of Drone tokens are available on the Deep Aero website.

There was a pre-sale bonus of 35% for orders above 100 ETH along with 30% for purchases in the range 10-100 ETH, and for those transactions involving less than 10 ETH, the bonus was only 25%.

As of the current phase, that is, Phase II, there is a bonus of 15% for the above 100 ETH category and 10% for the 10 100 ETH range and 5% for transactions of less than 10 ETH.

There are no bonus offers for the Phase 3 which is slated to start from June 01, 2018 from 11:01 AM GMT.

FUND EXPENDITURE PLAN – The Future Expansions

The Deep Aero website provides a pie-chart of the expenditure plan.

As is usual with most ventures involving advanced technology, 50% of the funds is allocated for research and development, 25% of the funds have been set aside for marketing and promotion costs. The administration has been allocated 10% with another 10% for technological infrastructure. The remaining 5% is kept for costs of legal matters.

The token sale is equipped with DDOS protection, and social security is being provided through complex passwords and 2-factor authentication systems.

There will also be 24×7 monitoring of website activity for detecting suspicious actions and users.


CEO Gurmeet Singh heads the company with Mayank Jain as CFO. Harsh Sharma is serving as the Vice President. The technical team comprises Kamaldeep Dhanju as the Principal Technical Architect and Thomas McLaughlin as the Chief Blockchain Architect. The Board of Advisors comprises Michael Davison, Jeremy Wigmore, Michael Thoss, Pedo Luque, Kiran K. Garimella, and nine more experts.

The partners of the company include Global UTM Association, Golden Smophy, VLK Aerospace and more.

Participate In The ICO

Deep Aero Bonus Code

Upto 35% Bonus Code: ALWY4TRX

Steps for Bonus code application and Investment procedure:

STEP 1: You have to first enter your ETH contribution address and Bonus Code application.

STEP 2: The next step is to copy the company’s ETH address. The minimum contribution would be 0.1 ETH.

STEP 3: In the final step you need to provide your identity proof. Any ID proof which is issued by the government can be uploaded. Also, along with ID proof, you will have to upload selfie.


The Deep Aero programme seems to include the fundamental solutions to the drone management problems and aims to mitigate most of the other negative factors in the drone industry.

The transportation service is expected to be a vast improvement and inclusion for the future economy, and the drone marketplace will make purchase and sale processes easier and manageable.

The UTM will ease the load of the conventional air traffic management systems, and if correctly implemented, it might become a game-changer in the whole industry.

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